Bandcamp Finds: Todd – With Love…From Me To You

Elsewhere in the universe, Mother Earth’s Plantasia will be reissued this year [& I’ve already gripped the pre-order for the green wax], & it made me think, “Sure, this is great, but y’know there’s other weirdo fringe records from the 70s deserving of love, too. What about their reissues?” – What about Todd? I asked. Well, it turns out some entity, name of Swan Fungus Records, who may in fact be the original mountain spring from which word of this obscure LP first trickled down into my freshly-minted 20-something brainpan circa the early 2010s, already answered this question 6 years ago, re-mastering & re-issuing this Holy Grail of unknown sounds, still in stock from them all this time later, & offering it to the world for a song – or 10 songs, ha!! Cop it here (circa April 2nd, 2019 a cameo appearance by yours truly in the Bandcamp shouts):

Gimme the Todd!

Now, the volume levels of these pristine FLACs actually sound a little wonky to my ears compared to the pirate vinyl rip previously available to me, but it’s seriously dirt cheap & you get to throw money at a supremely deserving artist. Uh, I thought you believed in trickle-down economics? Speaking of patron-izing, I’ve seen evidence ‘round the Net that ironic edge lords & /mu/-core fake music heads think Todd is some sort of Weird Nerd & his music is some form of “so-bad-it’s-good”. That’s boring. I know how easy it is in this world to be an unempathetic shithead, but I guess you’re just choosing to prove 16y.o. Todd Wathen’s point in tracks like the ultra-affecting “Before It’s Too Late”. This LP rules. Our boy Todd is a prodigy at pop songcraft, something that’s plainly true from the fact that a thing like this is even known at all by all y’all chuckleheads & psychopaths. This record travels from the depths of existential despair to the heights of religious joy – as in the genius melody of “With Love From Me To You”. Some cognoscenti call this “real person” music, which is either a tautology or a paradox depending on yr perspective. I’ve got it tagged in Rhythmbox as “Outsider”. Either way, this is unmanufactured, raw, crude oil straight from the human experience. As a sensitive observer of the world in 2019 I’m forced to conclude that human nature fundamentally sucks, but there are always outliers like Todd. Todd is pure. For the price of a pack of cigarettes, you can skip a life of sin & hold a piece of D.I.Y. history in yr greasy physical paws, here in the world of flesh & meat where I’m sitting.

4 outta 5, suggested grip.

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