New in 2019: Euglossine – Coriolis

According to, the Euglossine tapes I’ve gripped are MP3s I stream over & over, cuz I never understood them & I listen a lot to things I don’t understand – I recently picked up Triad by Triad God following its “Eureka!” review on Tiny Mix Tapes & racked up a surprising number of scrobbles waiting for it to “click” for me – that’s time I could’ve spent listening to this, cuz the music bubbling & swirling around stalwart underground label Hausu Mountain (one of my favorites!) is much more “in my wheelhouse”. Remember when you finally watched King Vidor’s adaptation of The Fountainhead & the story was suddenly much more lucid than when you tried to read it to impress your libertarian girlfriend? Maybe that only happened to me… anyway, Coriolis is a real “King Vidor moment”, cuz Euglossine’s modus operandi is suddenly in high-definition on this release. And maybe it is kind of hard for me to understand, ‘cause elevating smooth jazz to the heights of the astral plane is never something that would’ve occurred to me to wanna do. It’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever heard, smoother than a face with no features, which is something that’s appeared in my nightmares several times, usually before erupting into a bottomless maw of teeth & screaming at me. But if you took off Euglossine’s face, you’d probably see a thirsty frog. Get the tape here: BUBBA – or exhale the middle-man bullshit & inhale the D.I.Y. good shit (maybe in a cost-saving bundle) direct from the label: SMOOTH

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