Bandcamp Finds: Melissa St Pierre – Sonelab Sessions

A collection of four experimental works for piano. Uh, wait a tic, did someone say experimental? KA-CHING! Insta-cop. I decided to buy this blind, w/o listening to it beforehand, which is something I sometimes like to do when the price is reasonable enough. Today my risk was met with reward, b/c it’s very good. I like it, though I can’t say my insights into its True Nature(TM) are guaranteed to be that discerning, ‘cause this release treads into territory that’s a bit above my intellectual pay grade – the ivory-ticklin’ suggests a “modern classical” vibe, but her fingers roam all over the keys making it sound like free jazz. What genre is it really? Baby, that’s why they call it #experimental. The whole thing flows like water.

One look at the cover & you know it’s going to be high-brow – clearly whatever entity made such a drawing is blessed w/ a finely discerning sense of aesthetics. But it’s not like you need to understand a lick of, say, post-modernist theory or really anything at all to enjoy the sounds herein – this release can be a tasty snack for any admirer of the weird & adventurous. As someone who likes to pretend he’s more refined than he actually is, it fits in perfectly w/ my avant-garde collection. Please don’t fall victim to the Berenstain Effect – this release is called Sonelab Sessions, which is not a word I know, but it’s NOT a portmanteau of the more familiar words Stone + Lab. I was lost in the Sea of Illusions for a whole day about this. The tape can be bought here (as of this writing there’s only 4 left), & it seems like the label owner chooses to haunt Twitter over at @WhiteReevesProd.

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