New in 2019: Triad God – Triad

Halt the presses!!!! “Mike” (owner of this humble blog) is still hip & w/ it!! This LP has seemingly caused a lot of buzz, & in a moment of profound impulse, I laid down a heft ah’ change to buy the physical all the way from Europe. And I didn’t like it at first! I actually tried to have my purchase partially refunded (the difference btwn the physical minus the digital) & cancel the order. The label ignored my entreaty, & I’ve got plans to pawn it off to a bigger fan, but it wouldn’t be so bad if I was stuck w/ this record after all ‘cuz I’m starting to come around to it. Though I generally don’t listen to lyrics, it still alienates me to hear unintelligible (to myself), foreign words on an album obviously intended to be heard by western ears – & maybe that’s the point. “Rapping is a lifestyle, you know what the fuck I’m saying?” one of the few English choruses goes, but I don’t – forgive me. Since I can’t understand ’em, & they’re all spoken-word, the vocals aren’t what I find interesting, but the production, & the way the words bleed into it. Producer Palmistry seems like a trend-setting guy. His suave electronics sound like a world exhausted by the Information Age; there’s something kinda weary & wistful to them, like the twilight years of a species overloading itself w/ its own nature. The meandering murmurings of Triad God, too, sound resigned to an era of post-post-post-modernity. Oh this fast-paced post-modern life… when my physical husk is discarded & the phenomenon of my consciousness uploaded to the cloud (sponsored by Amazon), please ask Triad God to give my eulogy.

The label’s official online shop is its Bandcamp page, & this specific album can be found thus: Voilà!?

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