#Trending in the World of Mike: Jerry Paper – Like a Baby

It can be kind of hard to discover exciting new sounds. I’ve got one or two staple labels I repeatedly turn to for “The Good Stuff” (Orange Milk & Hausu Mountain, Decoherence, & Doom Trip {particularly their annual mixtapes} are all pretty solid) & I’m a big Bandcamp user, but it’s hard to distinguish the signal from the noise over there. Sometimes I check out what’s hot in the world of physical grips; the other month I was snooping amongst the “World” tag [a made-up genre which predominately seems code for PoC like William Onyeabor & Francis Bebey] & this release by Jerry Paper cheekily popped up. Hey, I can’t dispute that Jerry is just as much a part of the world as anyone else! He’s pretty fly for a white guy, & the moment I gazed upon the amazing art the needle in my vibe-o-meter immediately slammed straight into the red – 🚨🚨🚨ALERT!!!!🚨🚨🚨 – THE GOOD STUFF. I’d previously known Jerry for the peculiar-as-hell smash hit “Chameleon World” (👀 the video on YouTube sometime), & he’s put out numerous releases that’d previously been floating ‘round the periphery of my Zone of Awareness. From what I can tell he’s #trending in the faraway world of Gen Z, & even guested on a track by Tyler, the Creator. In the time since “Chameleon World”, Jerry strayed away from my Zone to God-knows-where, but after this LP he’s once again locked dead in my sights. This is fantastic. My genre tags on Rhythmbox & iTunes are pretty broad, but it’s rare that anything gets classified as “Pop” – Now, I’ll always have one foot & multiple toes planted firmly outside the mainstream, but my palate isn’t selling out yet, cuz this is still plenty, plenty weird. Jerry only knows one way to do things, & that’s idiosyncratically. Maybe he shd collaborate w/ Euglossine, cuz his vocal delivery is smooooth. If all you know is Big Pop for Chameleon World, know again, ’cause this is next-level.

Bandcamp Link: BAZINGA | Artist Website: BAZINGA | Twitter: BAZINGA

Favorite Track(s): Your Cocoon, Commercial Break

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