#Trending in the World of Mike: Guerilla Toss – Twisted Crystal

Based on the fractal evolution of their sound & the cover art of previous LP GT Ultra you might be forgiven for thinking these heads have been dosing on acid every single day since the release of their first LP Gay Disco, one of several releases graced w/ the prog-a-licious visual art of underground visionary Keith Rankin who remixed their tunes in 2016 on the mind-bending, bouncy Giant Claw VS Guerilla Toss except this review is about Twisted Crystal – but that’s not true, your music [or art in general] doesn’t bleed into an adjacent layer of consciousness like this through non-stop substance use – instead, it takes non-stop practice. These cats’ chops are tight, & the vibes are out of control on this LP, so much that it pummels my brain into alien goo & I’m stone sober every moment I can help it. As usual, you can grip the physical + digital in one integrated swoop over on Bandcamp, where a significant chunk of everything interesting in music is happening right now:

Gimme the Toss!

File this in your record collection next to Interventions & Ege Bamyasi as jam band music for the cognoscenti. I love it when a band or artist jumps ahead w/ virtually everything they put out, & Twisted Crystal is this outfit’s best yet. The whole thing goes down so smooth, it’s 30 minutes long – I wish it were longer! – but feels like 15 cuz time flies when yer having fun. Yeah, it does sound like disco; on Alpha Centauri. Maybe in the alternate timeline of Bernie’s America the government uses this music to reprogram people, but not to thought-control them but free their minds – so their ass will follow. Guerilla Toss have been putting out full-lengths every single year since I first discovered them, & my DNA quivers at what psychedelic recombinations might be in store for it in the time to come. So take a Chill Pill & bliss out. Guerilla Toss oscillates on a frequency us ordinary humans don’t deserve.

Favorite Track(s): Jesus Rabbit, Come Up With Me, Walls of the Universe

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