New in 2019: Koeosaeme – OBANIKESHI

Hold on to yer butts, kiddos, cuz the hands-down best album of the summer has arrived. I’ve got one word for you, & that’s: VISIONARY. First let’s take a detour (yet again) into the cover from Keith Rankin: Seriously. Wow. How can your cranium not explode looking at that? That’s my favorite thing I’ve seen in a long time. But now for the main course: the music. I am pleased to inform you that the sounds on this record live up to the art in every way. It’s f*cking insane. The album is an absolute masterclass in how to design a brilliant record from start to finish – I just double-checked the blurb on the Bandcamp & realized I subconsciously copied that wholesale from their description, but it’s the truth so I’ll state it again. Koeosaeme caught my attention 2 years ago with 2017’s Sonorant. Now he’s on vinyl, & his sound has hyper-evolved into an absolute Laserbeast alien mutant monstrosity ready to march across the oceans like Godzilla & take over the planet. It is my pleasure to award it the coveted Golden Mike – the highest possible honor it is my power to bestow. If you aren’t losing your mind over this record, there’s not much hope for you, bud.

Albums like this come out once a year. Obanikeshi reminds me of 2018’s An Exploded View of Time by Andrew Bernstein in its utter raw mind-annihilating power. Lots of other brain-scorchers on either of these labels recently, too… kind of a golden age if you ask me. This is an album I can play on loop for hours. It’s perfectly in sync with my brain, & a whole goddamn lot goes on up there. Queue this up & write some fuckin’ C++, man. Wile the fuck out. Actually – controversial opinion – I would say this album is more like C#, because it’s actually well-designed & fun to listen to. Just don’t compare it to Java. If you want some fucking Java go to the fucking YouTube for “Miracles” or something (actually that song whips & is more like BASIC). Class dismissed. Grab this record.

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