Crate Digging: DJWWWW – Arigato

I guess this album is turning into a blast from the past w/ each passing year. It holds up. The whole Japanese underground electronics scene of the 2010s is insane. I’ve never had my brain so seriously re-arranged than I have from artists like Koeoesaeme, toiret status, DJWWWW & Foodman. This album might sound confusing & disorienting to untrained ears, but it’s put together w/ precision & the internal logic is mind-warping. The artist collaborated w/ Mukqs the same year on this split & I missed gripping the physical. As you continue through this life you accumulate some regrets large & small.

The sampling on this album is wacky. The most insane track is undoubtedly the collaboration w/ toiret status which is simply called “Friends”. toiret status makes some truly wild music. He’s made appearances on a few other great albums in the Orange Milk canon such as on this track by Diamond Soul. Seriously, isn’t that insane? This sh*t is wild, man. I’ve been told I listen to weird shit. I guess it’s kind of wild the way early Dan Deacon EPs are. That’s the kind of stuff for me. Gimme the bonkers electronics.

Every single track on this album is interesting. There’s zero filler. As of mid-2019, the artist hasn’t released another full-length under this alias since this. Well, it’s a masterpiece. What is he up to now? Maybe he’s releasing under a different project now but I have a hard time keeping up. I’d be very interested to know.

Tape is long out-of-print but the digital is still available here. You can always find my blurbs haunting the Orange Milk Bandcamp. I’ve been a fan for 4 years. I’m getting kind of nostalgic listening to this one. It’s beautiful.

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