#Trending in the World of Mike: “Blue” Gene Tyranny – Out of the Blue

More like “Bernie” Gene Tyranny, b/c this sh*t is progressive!!! lmao. What a rollercoaster this LP is. If prog does happen to be yr thing, this record will itch you right in yr sweet spot. The first track starts out as a somewhat-avant bubblegum tune, going on for 5-6 minutes before suddenly mutating into a prog monster. In case that didn’t jam hard enough for you, Track 2 is straight away gnarlier & beastlier. So funky!

This year there is a beautiful re-issue of this album put out by a great label, Unseen Worlds. Recently they also re-issued gems from Laurie Spiegel which got the deluxe treatment – the label seems to have gotten its name from one of those LPs. Clearly Unseen Worlds has impeccable taste. Out of the Blue is a monster, originally released the same year on the same label as Private Parts by Robert Ashley, which Gene did the piano for (there’s a 2019 reissue of that one too on Lovely Music Ltd.). Side B of this album has spoken-word similar to Private Parts. The track is almost 26 minutes long & takes up the whole side. The content of the words is gorgeous. Maybe it’ll make you shed a tear.

There’s 4 tracks total & the only one I haven’t mentioned yet is the third one, “Leading a Double Life”. It’s got some gorgeous piano & pretty vocals. Not really sure what the lyrics mean, but they seem pretty deep. Gene seems like a deep thinker. This is a complex album w/ a lot of ideas stuffed in it. Recommended.

Bandcamp Link: KAPOW | Direct-from-the-Label: KAPOW

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