New in 2019: Michael Vincent Waller – Moments

My therapist says I’m very smart. I think if I was the smartest man in the room no matter where I went, it would finally make me happy. I’m starting a Master’s of Science in the spring. This is a little crazy… but I take fish oil every day cuz I heard it helps you grow brain cells. Supposedly, the #1 thing you can do is exercise. Woah! Let’s not get TOO crazy. This is an unhealthy fixation.

Smart people listen to classical music, I think. I’m on a big kick with that, too. Sean McCann’s Recital, who previously issued Michael Vincent Waller’s last LP, the lovely Trajectories, just released a pair of “classical” albums by the label honcho himself (Puck) & Daniel Schmidt (Abies Firma), whose debut LP is worth a staggering ~$70 or more on “the ‘Cogs” if you want it like-new (I can see why, it’s a gorgeous album). I snapped those up. Now along comes a label whom** I discovered for the first time this year, Unseen Worlds, putting out Mr. Waller’s new album, a 2xLP joint of works for piano & vibraphone. Unseen Worlds “is a record label releasing quality editions of unheralded and revolutionary, yet accessible, avant garde music” (swiped from their official site). Cool. Wow, sounds “smart” to me! Can I join?

Mike’s Blog. Mike’s Life. Flattery will get you everywhere in the World of Mike, cuz when I decided it was time to brush the dust off the ol’ music blog, my first thought was to do a write-up of this LP, whose creator reached out to say thank you for the nice words I left over on Bandcamp after I bought this. This release will grow your minde. Available here (non-Bandcamp link here).

**Note: IDK if I’m using “whom” correctly but whom can think of a word that sounds smarter?

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