New in 2020: Leo Takami – Felis Catus & Silence

Circa the middle of January, I own this album on vinyl right now. It really caught me off guard to receive it in the mail, cuz I thought I was pre-ordering it over a month in advance. After I got it for about a week I just sort of soldiered on in a state of confusion, all the while spinning it in constant rotation, then I decided to trot over to its page on Bandcamp to settle my question once & for all. Yes! The album is not out yet! Trippy. Technically I have a music blog; maybe I should use it in this situation. I’m terrible at maintaining the energy to keep up w/ this site, but I’ve got a full-time job using the part of my brain that knows how to program computers, so cut me some slack buddy.

You heard it from Mike first: this LP is a suggested grip! Like I said it’s been in constant rotation ever since I received it. Once my record-buying habit really started to pick up steam I thought it’d be neat to own on vinyl a bunch of avant-garde, classical, experimental music, etc, so I’ve been a heavy patron of the label Unseen Worlds in recent months. I guess technically this one might be prog? But it’s so bucolic & chill. One or two tracks honestly give me a similar vibe to what was piping into my ears when I mega-binged Stardew Valley two years back; that’s a videogame about running a farm so if that doesn’t say “bucolic” I don’t know what will. Maybe you’re desiring another reference point other than a videogame. Sorry pal, I’m a computer nerd! If you want a different reference point that is a videogame, the artist is from Japan & at least one section reminds me of the kind of stuff you’ll hear playing old-school JRPGs. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this release is nerd-friendly. I don’t like thinking about it that way; “nerd” is a meaningless label same as “hipster” & boy does either one steam my ham – what I like to say is, this music is intellectual.

The album is lovely stuff. It goes down smooth. Once this disc is on yr record player it’s so easy to spin it again & again & again & again before you ever bother to switch things up to something else. That’s what happens to me. This album is addictive. If my record player could scrobble to (hmm, Mike bringing up more computer stuff over here), this thing’d be #1 on my charts. It’s the first release of the new year I’m in love with.

According to Bandcamp (already linked earlier), the record comes out for real February 28th. If Bandcamp’s not your style, the link to cop it direct from the label is here. Thanks Unseen Worlds for being so nice!

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