New in 2020: Pulse Emitter – Swirlings

Prior to this post I was racking my brain planning to write up Laurie Spiegel – Unseen Worlds but I couldn’t find the words. This record is sort of similar in a way – electronic music with an outer space vibe; I used Side A of the prior-mentioned record to meditate once & “Electron Central”, the opening track on this LP by Pulse Emitter, has passages that seem handily capable of carrying me someplace deep into my subconscious. I’m very interested in what might be down there for me & I’d like to “catch the big fish” as David Lynch proselytizes when he talks up transcendental meditation as his choice among all the different meditation flavors (right now I only know how to breathe calmly). Right now IDK if transcendental meditation is legit or some new age hokum, but he makes it sound cool.

Speaking of “new age,” Pulse Emitter is an artist who’s not afraid to meet such a vibe head-on. Better gather up the crystals for this one, cuz this LP is positively ethereal. It succeeds in capturing a very cosmic feeling. The music is kind of minimal, but drenched in feeling. Whatever distant pocket of the universe this music is emanating from seems like a peaceful place to me. My chakras have been in need of a tune-up for a long time, & maybe I should put it into my day planner to sojourn to whatever plane of astral reality is originating this music. It’s healing.

The last Pulse Emitter release I spent a substantial amount of time with was 2015’s Digital Rainforest; in fact, it was the very first tape I ever purchased. Now I own about a hundred, & a healthy chunk of those come from Chicago label Hausu Mountain, for which this is Pulse Emitter’s first release. It’s also the first vinyl LP label head Max Allison has done the art for, & I love it. He did a good job making an image for a square canvas. Now that I’m collecting vinyl & closing in on the big One-Oh-Oh on that format (way more painful on my wallet…) it’s nice to rep the HausMo visual style in my crate.

All in all, lovely stuff. This record is available on Bandcamp here, or direct from the label here.

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