New in 2020: Suko & moduS – Watch Your Step

What a striking cover! This upcoming release is a collaboration between the artists Suko Pyramid (Spain) & moduS ponY (Los Angeles) on weirdolicious label Bumpy – hey, shout-out to Bumpy for the killer web design game going on over there… a joy to behold! Default-Wordpress-lookin’ goofball Mike’s Blog: A Place for Music could learn something from Bumpy…

I’m into whatever’s going on in this record. Do I understand what exactly that “whatever” is? Well, no… (END OF REVIEW – IF I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT I CAN’T DESCRIBE IT; NO MORE WORDS FROM ME.) haha j/k. But this release achieves a certain aesthetic I appreciate. There’s not enough music & art floating around out there that dares to just be weird; f you ask me, this album is a welcome addition to the world.

What does it mean to be weird?” I was feeling kind of philosophical asking myself that question but wanted to cut right to the chase so I looked up the definition via Google search. According to them, merely being very strange is actually the second, “INFORMAL” definition of the word. The primary definition of weird is “suggesting something supernatural; uncanny…” & hey! There’s actually an “ARCHAIC • SCOTTISH” definition that “weird” is “a person’s destiny.” I sat down & thought about that for a whole fifteen minutes.

Is there something supernatural about this music???? The way I see it these artists are naturals at making super weird sounds, so I say yes. Congratulations, it passes the weirdness test. This release reminds me of fellow “contemporary weirdo” acts like Cabo Boing or Jerry Paper. Kudos to Bumpy for putting out such rare vibes into the world. Maybe it’s your “destiny” to check it out, if you’re feeling ARCHAIC • SCOTTISH… you get what I mean.

Watch Your Step comes out March 6, 2020. Link to Bumpy label above. Available to order via Bandcamp here.

Favorite Track(s): Waffle-O-Will, One Gulp Fantasies – A Whole Jungle

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