#Trending in the World of Mike: JPEGMAFIA – All My Heroes Are Cornballs

Bought this for $12 during the Bandcamp one-day event when 100% of proceeds went to the artists. My fan account was featured on the front page of Bandcamp during that time. The event was cool, but it should have been announced as a three-day event rather than one. It wasn’t until well into the evening that the site wasn’t choking on the hugely increased traffic, & as a computer guy I know the sysadmins at Bandcamp must have been stressed AF all day – especially during such an already stressful time! A three-day event would have made the workers at Bandcamp’s lives easier & done even more good for artists. Two days later on Sunday I saw a tweet from a label owner saying they’d like another day. Lots of people didn’t even know about the event until it was already over, & with the site slowing to a crawl it was impossible for me to earnestly explore what was available. That said I made 10 purchases that day, many of them pre-orders.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to many of them, because this release has been dominating all my time. I’m obsessed. This is the sound of the avant-garde. And I do thank Bandcamp for running a feature a week or so earlier highlighting artists of color in the Baltimore underground. I like this release better than the artist’s prior release, Veteran, which seems like it was a big hit. There is warmth in this album. You can get lost in it. It’s hard to keep track of where one track ends & the next begins ’cause it’s such a cohesive work of art. My favorite track is unlucky number 13, “Free the Frail” featuring Helena Deland. It’s a beautiful song. I start listening starting on that one so often that I know the last few tracks of the album very well. My second favorite track is the minute-long “BasicBitchTearGas” – “I don’t want no scrub / scrub is a guy that can’t get no love for me / it ain’t hard to see.” So striking. I went on scrub patrol after listening to this album for two days straight. I’m all alone right now, but I thought I saw one in the mirror… but it turned out to just be a super fly guy. 🙂 Happy trails everyone!

Bandcamp’s taking a cut now, but the album is pay-what-you-want at this link.

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