New in 2020: Nick Storring – My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell

I had pre-ordered the vinyl but this came out digitally last week. I was kinda distracted on first listen… my home office consists of a recliner & a laptop in the middle of a room about half the size of the studio I previously lived in. I have a desk where I put my record player & my tape player, both hooked up to the same $99 speakers I bought on Amazon. There isn’t much room for anything else. I’m not so certain it’s good to have zero separation between my work life & my home life. But I’m grateful to have a job that seems secure throughout all this. Last year I got an offer from a small company in Austin… at the time it was my dream destination. I wonder if I’d still be employed right now if I had gone that route.

This music is a heartache, & I feel somewhat healed listening to it. I’ve been having lots of experiences recently feeling healed by music. Technically I’m listening to this album on the clock. There’s no room to be emotionally healed on your boss’s time, if you’re going to fix yourself it better be to perfect your ability to produce eight hours’ worth of value every day! The truth is I’d be a little automaton if I could. I don’t know how others do it. Maybe my brain has ADHD, or maybe I’m just weird. I just get distracted. This music is transporting me somewhere else, somewhere far away from my paltry “home office” & a world on its back from COVID-19. I feel like Dorothy swept up in the tornado to someplace beyond the sky. The dissonance in Track 4, “What A Made-Up Mind Can Do”, is the sound of my little vessel crashing into Oz (hey, turns out later Oz is kind of a funky place…).

My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell is a beautiful album in a world where beauty feels a little hard to find right now. It’s available through Bandcamp here.

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