New in 2020: Passepartout Duo – Vis-à-Vis

This album will be released digitally & on vinyl April 10th on AnyOne, a newly-founded label in Beijing. That’s so far away from where I am. If only there was some sort of technology that allowed me to listen to this… ready for me to blow your mind? That technology exists, & it’s called the Internet. You’re actually using it right now to read this post. We’re a global community baby!

Contained on this LP are 2 pleasant compositions for an ensemble, presumably an ensemble of two (otherwise known as a “duo”), presumably a duo named “Passepartout Duo”. According to the promo e-mail I received the musicians created their instruments from scrap materials. That’s pretty cool – reminds me of Harry Partch. I’m reviewing the notes I kept of this album when I first listened… I noted that I enjoyed it best with headphones, but isn’t that true of most music? This music rewards focus.

Let’s see what else I wrote down… “satisfying … warm … abstract”. The MP3s of the album divide each composition into 4 sections (along with the option to listen to either side of the LP as one long recording), & both of them really heat up towards the end. I appreciate the formalness of this music. As I’ve been assembling my infant record collection I’ve thought it’d be neat to own a lot of “contemporary composition” on vinyl, like what you can find on Unseen Worlds and Recital. This record is not necessarily out of place!

Something else I learned from the promo e-mail the artists sent is that the making of this album took them from Geneva, Switzerland all the way to Shanghai. Wow! Bon Voyage, Passepartout Duo! Auf Weirdersehen! Sayonara! Or as we say in Texas…

Happy Trails!

Cop the record HERE.

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