#Trending in the World of Mike: Larry Wish & His Guys – Fable Table Cloth

I got really drunk last weekend… all the wine combined with the clonazepam I take for sleep, made me black out & post nonsense on Twitter. The next day I wanted to avoid the brutal depression that comes with a heavy hangover so I took about 4mg of that aforementioned anti-anxiety / sleep drug. It felt good, so I did it again the next day. Well, I fucked up! Now my tolerance is too high & I’m not sleeping anymore!

I can’t explain it, but when I’m sleep-deprived, nothing hits the spot more than what I call “weirdo prog”. I started by scoping the first Suko & moduS album which I felt was my obligation to check out seeing as I wrote a review of the sequel released on the man Larry Wish’s very own Bumpy label. That album scratched an itch I didn’t know I had. After I had my fill, I’d moved on to Not From My Come From which was in my collection on a whim since the other month. Hey, it’s kind of addicting to figure out the logic behind this maestro Larry’s idiosyncratic songs… the releases with “His Guys” always contain repeats of what’s available on his solo albums but with a band ensemble playing them they sound so fulfilling.

I have another sickness when I’m sleep-deprived. I spend money on music with wild abandon. Next thing I knew, I owned the entire Larry Wish & His Guys discography. Fable Table Cloth, available on Bumpy, is a live album. The energy is great. Opening track “The Designer” is a great song. “Calendar Year” is another great song. The final track, “The Man Who Even Has a Gun”, is something I heard on Larry’s Soundcloud account & it really impressed me with its cosmic nature. It rounds out a solid outing for “the boys”, that musical madman Larry Wish and… His Guys.

A link to this release is contained in the paragraph above, but the internal logic of my write-ups is labyrinthine & I’m posting the exact same link again. Enjoy.

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