New in 2020: claire rousay – a heavenly touch

Does Mike actually know how to write about music, or is he just going to b*llshit his way through another post with a bunch of autobiography? Read this article, traveller, & find out… claire rousay is a cool musician I discovered b/c she collaborated with More Eaze on the Mondoj release if I don’t let myself be happy now then when? which is one of the best tapes of the year so far. I believe it was last Friday when two more of her works were released into the world (the other one being this collaboration with Alex Cunningham on Astral Spirits), though I had both of them in my hands ahead of the street date. Lucky me!

Didn’t my last post begin with me drinking a whole jug of wine & blacking out on Twitter? This one does too! That night under the influence I sent something “flirty” (supposed to be, anyway) to this musician on there (she had tweeted pictures that I had thought were of her before & after her transition… I said I liked her as a woman)… it was right before I stopped remembering my actions for the night & I woke up the next day with anxiety. Gee Mike, maybe that’s kind of misogynist in some way? I know, right? Anyway I became so embarrassed I stopped listening to either tape I owned. Right afterwards I stopped getting sleep in a major way, & I thought I had addled some core, essential functionality of my delicate, powerful brain with my sobriety improprieties (cool rhyme I just invented, I’m a genius)… I was losing it so badly I called my friend Seth Graham who runs Orange Milk Records to vent about my poor health. We talked for a while. He asked me, “Have you heard of the artist claire rousay?” “Yes,” I said. Yes, actually I’m embarassed right now with the bullshit I’ve tweeted at this person – what a coincidence! He said she had done an interview with another blog that’s not mine that he thought was interesting. This is my transcription of Seth’s retelling of another blog’s claire rousay content, I got it from Seth so I’m not stealing: Seth said that claire said that the experimental music scene was like church culture… once upon a time claire was a drummer in a band in a church, & at this time claire had not yet transitioned, & the person who ran the church’s Instagram account was very self-conscious about their following / follower ratio. If the church had 1,000 followers, they could only follow 200, or else they’d look like losers. Hell, I thought. This is not just churches or experimental musicians; the entirety of social media thinks this way. Seth said he related it to an argument of his own… if we condemn the hoarding of money, why don’t we condemn the hoarding of attention? When he posted this as a Facebook status I misinterpreted it. I said attention is a basic human need, & as a person with mental illness I feel a great lack of it; I think we stigmatize “attention-seeking” when it’s cruel to do so. We narrowed it down to him meaning “one-sided attention forever” which I suggested we call “fame” & then he got distracted (stopped paying attention to me) & we didn’t finish our dialectic. I still don’t think we should stigmatize “attention-seeking”, & that has nothing to do w/ 500+ words pouring out of me so far as atonement for behavior on Twitter that was meant to get this artist’s attention in the first place. That’s just a coincidence, pal… I would describe the lifting of my writer’s block as more like a “miracle” honestly.

It’s ridiculous that I stopped listening to this tape. What would she want? I think she would want me to listen to it. Well okay Carl Jung because I’m writing it up for my blog now. I think this is great experimental music. It’s minimal, & tracks such as “loose light” have the ambiance of an ASMR recording. At the end of that one, she plays an iPhone’s text-messaging software like percussion. Mind-blowing! The track that follows contains more pleasantly paresthesiac word-whispering & piano music that echoes as if inside a church. The final track on the album, “last date”, is a nearly 9-minute epic that has it all – voices, tender percussion, audio glitches & sundry “weird noises” that let you know you’re listening to experimental music, baby (the good stuff)… it culminates in a stimulating mélange, & then – silence. La fin. Where’s the uproarious climax? That was it, babe… she just has a heavenly touch.

So that’s that. That’s the write-up of claire rousay’s a heavenly touch for Mike’s Blog. I’m Mike, & I’m actually a nice guy. I got this tape in a package from Already Dead that thanked me by name & included a free bonus tape & a stack of download codes. The original pressing is out of stock, but there’s a second edition coming which you can pre-order at this link.

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