#Trending in the World of Mike: Robert Eggplant – Amalgamation

(Humble apologies Robert for cropping your rectangular album art to approximate what appears on the Bandcamp page, it was imperative to my sense of order that it be a perfect square…)

I tell ya what… this Tuesday? Super hard day… it takes a lot to make this man cry… & I still didn’t on Tuesday (actually sometimes I cry over utter bullshit… it takes marijuana to make this man cry, I think. The last time I cried sober was when Daniel Johnston passed away). But Tuesday was a helluva day… I was in a state of alertness from 9 to 4 due to a remote training session mandated by work; I was getting terrible sleep at night for over a week & on Tuesday I just didn’t have the endurance. Work ended & I just sat in my recliner which serves double-duty as my entire home office & I felt… traumatized, actually. I had some new age ambient tapes which I put on & then my phone buzzed with a notification – an artist named Robert Eggplant had e-mailed me about a write-up.

“I’m a huge fan of your blog …”

Robert Eggplant

Those words touched me to my core… like I said in yesterday’s post I reached out to my friend Seth that night to vent, & he thought it was amazing. I decided to keep going, & it was in part because of that e-mail… & also because I had reflected on what an amazing life I’ve built for myself despite the obstacles… & also one person unfollowed me on Twitter & I was determined to carry on out of spite (Seth said something like, “You just listed a bunch of incredible inspirational reasons & one bullshit meaningless one.” One day I’ll have a therapist I can explore this with). Robert didn’t float me a copy of his album for free, but that’s okay; the compliment arrived to me at exactly the right time, & I bought his album for three dollars w/o even streaming it first. He told me in the e-mail it was ambient. I thought, that’s exactly what I need right now.

Robert Eggplant’s words brightened my day… but the sounds of his music are eerie. The tracks have titles like “Travelers of Mold”, “Decay of Decorations”, “Bomber in the Woods”, & the epic finale, “Everything Under the Sun Will Parish”. That seems to suggest kind of a dark mind at play if you ask me… & yet he filled my evening with light? I think it really says something about the duality of man… I’m working on a review for an unrelated Canadian release called Chiaroscuro, or the contrast between light & shadow to create the illusion of depth in visual art… I was definitely having a “three dimensional” moment listening to the music of Robert Eggplant. My favorite aspect of Amalgamation is the artist’s use of field recordings. It’s not something I usually listen to so it was novel when I heard it here, & it really struck me. He did a crafty job.

Thanks, Robert Eggplant, for dropping a line on Mike’s Blog, the world of Mike. I looked up what you can buy for three dollars, & I found this stress ball. I hope it serves you in your quest for mental wellness the way your e-mail served me in mine… I’m three dollars poorer but they were dollars well spent.

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