New in 2020: More Eaze – Mari

Something is happening in Texas… & Mike is elbowing his way straight into the middle of it all the way from his home base in the Piney Woods. An explosive exposé dropped earlier this week… Mike of Mike’s Blog CAUGHT in claire rousay’s Twitter replies… the trolls were having a field day with that one… welllll one exposé wasn’t enough to take down the NOODLE DROP guy… & it’ll take ten more before Mike finally cancels himself (through his own actions). Kinda makes you think… if you just keep doing your thing, a base of people will hang around you no matter what. The worst you’ll have to do is maybe disappear for a year… um, why the HELL does Louis CK have a new special in the age of quarantine but we’re all telling Aziz Ansari, a person of color, to go to hell??? Mike… bruh… where the f*ck is this coming from… I’m sorry I don’t know; this is supposed to be my big write-up of one of the most jamming avant-pop bangers of the year, Mari by More Eaze.

My number-one impression of Mari as a person? She’s very nice… which is great. When the experimental music scene is so dependent on the Internet for networking (no pun intended… hah… just a little IT humor… sorry) being a troll to everybody seems like a bad tactic… boy I wish I coulda told myself this ~3 years ago. Yes Mike of Mike’s Blog was once a troll… one night past my bedtime I POURED OUT MY SOUL on Mari’s FB wall…. Mari Maurice I am regretful of the first impressions we shared… there was a time when my behavior online was a problem & it was in part b/c I suffered in my mental health & had the wrong tools to cope… I hope one day I can escape this town & we can get a coffee or something. Had to share✌️ MD outtie” And you know what else!? I think the other problem is that men aren’t socialized to know how to create meaningful relationships with others… Mari responded to this paragraph of soul I laid at her feet & her response was very nice… it’s kind of exactly the whole thing I’m talking about here. Anyway… uhhhhh WTF was I saying? “BruhI KNOW… so there you have it. Mike’s Blog is hob-knobbing with all the biggest names in Texas… and you can have what I have too; I did it DIY, my only equipment was my big personality, a word processor, & a willingness to go buckwild in the comments. “Ummm, OK Mike… do you edit AT ALL any of this crapola you spew outIt’s more like I just grab ahold of a feeling & “go for it…”

Anyway the music! That’s what you’re here for I guess. I’ve said it all over the place many times already, earlier in the year More Eaze was already responsible in collaboration w/ the above-mentioned claire rousay for one of the best tapes of the year so far over on Mondoj; with this solo release on Orange Milk Records, her second release on the label by my count, I am blown away w/ the progress she has displayed as an artist. This release is packed w/ straight 🔥 but like the release on Mondoj it also deals with the experience of being trans very frankly… on tracks like “daily routine” the lyrical delivery sounds nigh-confessional. In my estimation Side A is dominated by the highest density of “pop” tracks… when I plugged this tape into my player I was immediately blown away by opening track “talk”. I was noticing buzz on the Interwebs yesterday [I’m thirty years old… when you reach my age sometimes you drop an “Interwebs” in the write-up & DGAF] for the track “progress in therapy” feat. claire & I’ve got to admit it’s bonkers… & the title is cool as hell too. “progress in therapy” is just about the dopest thing I can imagine. I hope it happens to me some day… for years I’ve just been fumbling around on my own & doing emotional donuts… I can do some sick tricks w/ my mental health nowadays actually… when Philip K Dick started experiencing delusions & hallucinations nobody stopped him; they were all like “Yep! He’s got it figured out. No need for us to help him.” That’s exactly what I want when I deal w/ my substance addictions… wow, am I veering into a “bruh moment” again? No I don’t filter much of this when I put it down… right now I’m rocking the mustache of Lester Bangs, w/ like half the problematic ideas about race rattling around my bullshit subconscious… gotta be… I am a critic of rock n roll now & I channel the genre whenever I write. “Bruh!” Sorry, sorry! You keep saying this to me… “I guess every superhero need his theme music.” I’m savvy enough not to shoehorn my sympathetic Kanye takes into this piece as well… I’ve put my readers through enough.

I love this tape, & the artist is a great person. I hope this write-up has done its job of compelling you to check it out… I tried to confuse you in order to leave you wanting more. Here is the link to the album streaming on Bandcamp one more time. You can order the physical there. It came out the same day as Macula Dog’s latest EP… there’s a lot going on right now but yesterday was a momentous day for experimental pop. “Onward & dogward!” –I don’t know what this means. Intrigued???

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