New in 2020: qualchan. – the book of sleep.

PLEASE don’t tell my mom! But with the new reality of COVID-19 settled in, I’ve become a real “weekend warrior”… of drinking booze! Once upon a time, someone shared me a track from like Panda Bear or whoever & it didn’t click for me; they said they were drunk & high listening to it & it was awesome… I’ve been listening to the digital files of this new qualchan. release, which will materialize physically as a cassette at some unknown future date in these uncertain times… I made a note to myself, “These beats seem ‘trippier’ than what was on the artist’s prior release the end of all seasons.…” then the demons of day drinking took over that afternoon & I was suddenly like “WOAH! Is this like that one Panda Bear album? I’m not high but I’m drunk, & these woozy beats sound awesome…” but first I had to do my due diligence & pull up Spotify, which I crack using a certain ad blocker, to listen to Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper front-to-back. Just to confirm if there were any similarities… wow, this Panda Bear album that I’m bringing up in the write-up I’m doing for qualchan. was released in 2015… that’s the same year I moved to this town. Five years… the entire second half of my twenties… it hasn’t been all bad though. If you ask me, thirty is the new twenty, but if you’re even younger now… cherish it while you can…

I ran out of beer halfway through the Panda Bear album; it was a Sunday night & I didn’t want a killer hangover Monday morning during work, so to force myself to stop drinking I thought the best thing to do was to take my sleeping pills & pass out. Well I’ve got news for you, sleeping isn’t just a matter of knocking yrself out w/ drugs… you’ve also got a circadian rhythm, & falling asleep at 5PM? Tricky proposition when every other night you’re doing it between 7 & 9… in my life I’ve dealt with lots of challenges due to mental illness, lots of it’s in the past, but this damn insomnia hounds me every single night of my life… and somehow I feel it’s even harder for others to understand than if I simply had problems with my mood… I lied in that bed worried about sleep for hours. I took inventory of my medication & slipped myself extra to try to really knock myself on my ass… finally at some point I lost consciousness & woke up the next morning fresh as a daisy. Wow! I was not expecting the night to go that well. Cool… I think I’ll try to take my sobriety a little more seriously from now on, though, thanks.

So if you’re not intoxicated, is this album worth your time? Certainly… switch this on & the lo-fi beats fill the air like a haze, positioning themselves somewhere just ahead in the foreground than “ambient”… take a vibe-o-meter to ‘em & the needle plunges into the blue. Breezy chill… it’s perfectly restorative music for the morning after drinking, checking my work e-mails… my loved one’s been expressing his concern that I’ve been drinking again. Alright, alright! If it’s not sustainable to get attention online by using substances, there’s only one other direction to go… I’ve got to build a big number doing the straightedge thing. Times are really hard right now, so let’s start with baby steps… see you again in 2 weeks.

qualchan. was offering digital of this album gratis to bloggers… and he may have actually explicitly given copies to me before the album came out & I forgot (I’m sorry!)… but I was happy to buy them myself for five dollars. It’s out now on peradam tapes.… I’m looking forward to a future when “ordering the physical” is not complicated; there’s no delay in its production & it’s alright to go outside & mail it. I hope that time comes again someday.

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