#Trending in the World of Mike: Patricia Taxxon – Beauty

Awesome cover! This is a very futuristic album to me, in a similar vein to galen tipton (particularly her work as recovery girl), this album I found on Spotify produced by galen tipton that straight up has furry art for the cover (it’s good), or the more mainstream sensations 100 gecs. I guess this is a “woke af” position for a straight cis male such as myself to take… but I don’t intend it with any spin: it is the honest truth that the very most futuristic & mind-blowing music I have heard for about a year now has been by queer people who are in their early adulthood right now. No, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule; my mind’s also been rocked by black artists, Japanese artists, & even a white male or two, but the stuff I’ve linked in this paragraph & the subject of this write-up is the music that gives me “future shock” most of all.

I’ve seen people describe this album as “post-nightcore,” & I guess that’s the most accurate descriptor, though I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any first-generation nightcore; it’s all been filtered down to me through young artists channeling & deconstructing the style. What I notice about this music is that it is a blast of positive energy, & I think that energy is wrapped up in its queerness; queer energy is strong & indestructible. This is an observation remarked upon to me by someone I’m very close to; they once watched a pilot for some TV or web show at an event, I believe it was an adult animated series, & it was apparently crammed w/ hack bullshit such as, “Ooooouaaaauuugh, letsss look up thisss character’s skirt – are they a guy or a girl?” They watched it in the company of someone who is trans. Exiting the show, my loved one said, “WELL. That was kind of TRANSPHOBIC…” “Oh,” they said. “No I didn’t even care about that. I just thought it was unfunny.” My loved one described them as “made of steel.” That is the kind of energy that personifies to me the releases by young queer artists I’ve been playing in heavy rotation lately. This album is pure positivity, & as the title of it aptly suggests, it is beautiful.

My nadir in my use of social media came in the summer of 2017. I wasn’t in therapy, I was logged onto Twitter every minute of my waking life, & I was wildly abusing my physical & mental health in the form of horrible sleep hygiene that I just didn’t give a fuck about. During this period, I realized I was a straight man who is attracted to trans women. This rupture in my previously totally heteronormative life was handled by me incredibly poorly. I thought that I was gay, even though I now think that’s not true, & it’s offensive to say. I think they wd be straight relationships. That meltdown was 3 years ago, & ever since I viewed social media as a source of injury & I never quite figured out how to “cure” myself in how I use it. But I feel I’ve made a lot of progress since then. I feel much more at peace with the question of my sexuality. I don’t know what the nuance is of what to label it. Maybe I am a little queer myself.

That would honestly be tight, because the queer energy in releases like this is incredibly positive & powerful. I identify with it, & it lifts me up. So maybe I do have a motive proclaiming stuff like this to be “the future,” based on my own identity, that I’m only recently opening up with honesty towards. But as my generation gradually transitions into their next phase of life & Generation Z enters their prime, I’m still excited to hear what they come up with next. I think it will rock my world.

Link to this digital-only album HERE.

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