New in 2020: NNAMDÏ – BRAT

This album was trending on Bandcamp on Friday so I scooped it up. It’s a pretty unusual listen; I classified it as hip-hop inflected “pop” but the compositions are extremely proggy & weird a bit like Frank Zappa or whatever, an influence that’s much more apparent on the artist’s very latest release KRAZY KARL. Digging into the NNAMDÏ releases of yore reveals a highly weird aesthetic, with releases such as FECKIN WEIRDO: Nnamdi’s spectral adventures through a pubulous conundrum, canceling out the burrowing burden and ambiguity of his pre​-​zuberant tooth shine. That’s a pretty hard sentence for me to parse & I have no idea what it means. But I dig it! Weird is in, baby. It’s hot right now.

I skim random tracks from past releases & man oh man they’re almost impossibly weird. BRAT is focused, & it turns out NNAMDÏ has a serious gift for pop songwriting. Damn, I must be selling out – my previous blog post extolled pop as well. I think I’ve always had that inclination. The neural pathways of my brain were permanently warped & carved to match the grooves of hundreds of hours of 60s bubblegum pop piped into my ears during long road trips as a child when my mom controlled the radio. It’s screwed up, I know… but I even listen to the Beatles on occasion. It could be worse. My mom also likes country.

Anyway, this album is cool. The opening track was quirky enough for me to keep listening, & the transition into the monster second track “Gimme Gimme”, my favorite song on the album by far, floored me & convinced me this album was worth buying. Sadly the album never reaches the kind of fireworks it achieves on Track 2, but there’s still some cool moments. “Semantics” has mysterious lyrics that seem kind of dark & is a slick composition. Penultimate track “It’s OK” has an uplifting, positive message for anyone who might be struggling that I appreciate. NNAMDÏ seems like a smart guy; a trip to their Wikipedia page reveals they have a degree in electrical engineering. Despite this, they have zero tracks about the Linux terminal…

NNAMDÏ is a self-described “FECKIN WEIRDO” & they really sell it, but this album feels like a watershed moment. BRAT is available on Bandcamp HERE.

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