New in 2020: Seabuckthorn – Other Other

What a long strange trip it’s been.”

Jerry Garcia if he knew about my weekend lol

Well hell man I mean where to start. I got an e-mail 8AM Friday morning that someone was contacting me through my blog. They make music under the name Seabuckthorn & gave me a download code for their recent album Other Other. They said it was “contemporary classical” & I thought, oh boy. Forget all that pop nonsense I’ve been listening to, the stuff that really makes me feel sophisticated is modern classical. IDK man that genre just seems hella refined to me. And it helps a lot if it’s weird. The artist said in their e-mail their music utilizes prepared guitar & I thought woww [sic] maybe it’ll sound like Star Trap by Arnold Dreyblatt, a compilation I recently was digging after it got featured on Bandcamp’s front page.

So I’m listening to Other Other at work & I’m listening & I’m waiting for words to form. No it’s true I’m not as good at writing about music as some other people. The way I write is… basically the same way I know which button to press when I’m pirating a movie & there are like five different buttons labeled “DOWNLOAD.” I just kind of let myself be guided by intuition & feeling?? I can’t explain it; my workflow is based heavily on vibes. So Friday morning the words weren’t coming so I took some time to catch up on writing blurbs for recent purchases of mine on Bandcamp (my fantasy is to leave a comment for every single purchase I’ve made, though that goal gets more & more distant the more I buy). Then the work day was over & I commenced a weekend-long binge of feeling buzzed & having fun.

All weekend I’m going HAM, I’m listening to things like 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues (yeah I like ’em, you’re probably just mad because they’re hot) & discovering artists like Weston Allen who dropped an ultra campy music video that also happens to be a friggin’ bop and hell even a J-pop album after it got featured on Bandcamp’s front page. I’m up at midnight jamming Spiderman of the Rings just to feel nostalgic. It’s all high-energy, positive-vibes sort of stuff & I’m bopping around my tiny living room feeling friggin’ ecstatic. But the high can’t last forever, and on Sunday I put Other Other back on & notice, damn, this music is actually really soothing when I’m in the mood for something like drone or ambient. At night I watch a experimental performance by claire rousay on Twitch which she knocked out of the park (part of a larger festival but no-one told me about it). Probably the most avant-garde moment was when her Twitter account retweeted something as I was watching her perform. WTFFFFF o_0 o_0

Now it’s Monday & I’m listening to Other Other again. I dig it! If you’re looking for music to focus to, this release is great, like I said it’s soothing it’s as if the artist is a straight up soothemaster. Like some of the other modern classical albums I’ve scooped up on Discogs it’d probably be great to study to, if that’s something you find yourself doing. I love the sound of the guitar. The hum & drone reminds me a bit of what I remember Zeit by Tangerine Dream sounding like. “Hum & drone…” if you’re into that kind of vibe, I don’t think you’ll go wrong w/ this release. It’s Monday & the work week has begun again & I’m not sure I’m “hungover” today but I’m definitely returning to the world of Earthlings. Other Other is keeping me grounded as I re-acclimate to gravity.

I said my piece!! Check out this album for yourself HERE. I actually already posted the link… but I guess you need special direction since you’re so upset I didn’t assign a number. LOL just kidding y’all… ❤️ Stay safe.

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