#Trending in the World of Mike: Weston Allen – The Gloves Come Off

Okay, so this release is not this artist’s most current work – they actually released a single a week ago that’s been steadily racking up views; it’s got a different vibe than this EP & you can watch it below:

I became aware of this artist b/c I’ve been paying attention to what seems like a scene of LGBTQ artists who make music that’s in my book highly compelling & feels very futuristic to me. It all started b/c I fell in love w/ galen tipton’s album on Orange Milk last year. It was one of the best releases on the label in 2019. galen tipton released a new EP this year & it’s great. Anyway it popped up in my Twitter feed that she was playing a DJ set as part of a Zoom party that I think (?) was in celebration of the artist Dorian Electra’s birthday? I can’t remember b/c I was drinking that night which is a shame. The energy at that show was maximally positive & it blew my mind. I regret I was drunk b/c someone performed a cover of “All Star” by Smashmouth that was so beautiful to me it nearly moved me to tears, but I can’t remember how it went anymore. Anyway Dorian Electra has a new single called “Sorry Bro (I Love You)” which is co-produced by Dylan Brady. So now 100 gecs is connected to the mix, who are a good band which the haters are probably just frustrated about b/c they’re hot.

ANYWAY so after that night I was following Dorian Electra on Twitter, & I think it was one week ago that they posted a link to Weston Allen’s new song “24 Hours (In The Chicken Heater)”, viewable above. The aesthetic of the video is utterly bizarre to me; it’s like 12-dimensional camp. The song is also a jam. So I looked up Weston on Spotify, and found out they had a back catalog.

Every song streamable on Weston Allen’s Spotify is a jam. I particularly like his cover of “Sk8er Boi”, which features some guttural death metal vocals that remind me of the 100 gecs track “800db cloud” except it came out a year earlier. And then there’s also The Gloves Come Off, an EP that’s also available for permanent purchase on Bandcamp. When I first found Weston Allen they had maybe ~500 monthly listeners on Spotify (a number that has quadrupled as of the following Wednesday), and The Gloves Come Off had been purchased on Bandcamp by 3 users. That number’s so small… well, maybe nobody freaking listens to me, but you can’t say I didn’t try to #influence readers of this blog to check him out!

I think Weston Allen is a brilliant talent, & his songs are very, very good.

The Gloves Come Off has 5 tracks. My favorite is “Glass Whip”. The songs have a bit of an “eighties” vibe, but I’d pick this EP over music that’s actually from the eighties any day. Not just this release, but Allen’s entire output is all-killer, no-filler. I guess he sorta reminds me of Ariel Pink. There’s a certain feeling of idiosyncrasy in his music, matched by a high degree of talent.

If you ask me Weston Allen is destined to “blow up”. At least he would be in a world that had any justice. But I guess the world we actually live in is topsy-turvy. Heck I don’t even know if I’m going to be around this time next year. Regardless, Weston Allen has a fan in me. We-STAN.

The Gloves Come Off is available on Bandcamp HERE.

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