New in 2020: Itch Princess – BIT BY THE SUN

I just can’t shake the feeling that this artist would probably be a big star in gnome world. Listening to this makes me feel like my brain is all squiggles – a type of worm – & my hair fell out & the squiggles poked through my scalp so I look like medusa. This is the kind of music for big dogs to step to. It’s a big dog’s market & my head is full of squiggles.

I bought Itch Princess’s last album too & this one feels like a step ahead from what came before. When I bought her tape she included with the package a handwritten letter saying thank you. It was such a sweet thing to do. I’d write her a note in return but I can’t because my brain is all squiggles & I don’t know anything. I was a good writer sometimes. But all of that potential is “gone with the squiggle,” which is what my brain is made out of listening to Itch Princess. Medusa was a type of princess who had squiggly hair… and it probably itched! So I can relate.

I was hipped to Itch Princess by Larry Wish, who ALSO hipped me to an awesome collection of David Liebe Hart remixes that he has a track on. Itch Princess has two albums on Truly Bald, a label run by Jake Tobin. The music of Larry Wish and Jake Tobin goes next to Macula Dog on my shelf, & I think of it as the “weirdo section”. This is outsider music, if you consider music tailor made for gnomes to be outsider. The reason you never see gnomes in this reality is because their auras vibrate at a little too high a frequency for their corporal forms to be visible to the human eye. You are only able to view a gnome if you “medicate” yourself with psychedelic drugs in order to weaken the “valve of rationality” in your subconscious which in turn allows a wider spectrum of energy to seep into your perceptual field. After that you’ll see that they’re all over.

I would really love to have this on tape. For now it’s a digital album only available on Bandcamp HERE.

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