New in 2020: Quicksails – Blue Rise

This came out Friday the 24th & I listened to it that morning at work & something happened to me deep inside. My soul disattached from my body, perhaps feeling weary from the constant grind of being employed & my frustration that it interferes with my desire to party my way solo through the age of COVID-19 as if it’s Y2K. My soul disattached from my body & floated at an altitude a few feet in the air, looking down at myself as I stared blankly at my computer screen, productivity on the decline. As I listened I entered a state of deep spiritual peace; I had entered the aether realm, & then my brain sparked with primordial fire & I became like a child; I inhaled deeply drawing my soul back into my body through my nose & then peered at the computer in front of me with naive curiousity, re-learning how to use it as my spirit entered the new age of tools.

Then at night was the album release party livestreamed on the new Hausu Mountain Twitch channel. It was a fantastically memorable time & the lineup was stacked, all-killer no-filler. The evening started with Euglossine, a funny & creative soul, ripping through some awesome versions of songs from his Hausu Mountain tape Coriolis, which is probably my favorite of his numerous cassette releases. Next was Norman Long, an artist I was previously not familiar with, playing a tremendous set that I thought sounded like information entering the brain & made Ben Billington (Quicksails) feel like he was “in a canoe at 2AM on acid”. It built up to an amazing climax, & I entered an alternate dimension surrounded by creatures that I had a hard time making out; I suddenly realized they all had the face of a duck staring at me & then I saw that their bodies were bugs. They were bugs with duck faces & they had quick hands. The next performance was by claire rousay & it was nothing like what I was expecting; it was a beautiful set & the intensity caused me to morph into an emoji of a man gripping his head with angel wings. It’s important that you know exactly what kind of emoji I turned into & while I was an emoji I was trapped in the computer screen existing as a bunch of 1s & 0s made of electricity. Seeing the bugs & becoming an emoji was a lot to process, & then the main event, the Quicksails set, happened. The music was great & the visuals were very lysergic. All in all it was a great night that did a lot to boost my mood out of a bout of depression I had been dealing with most of the week.

This new LP feels a lot more ambient than the Quickails LP that came before. After the show on Friday I appreciated “noise” more which is not always a genre I necessarily gravitate to. In my opinion the ideal way to experience noise music is while your brain is fried & you’re sprawled out on the couch or in my case a recliner just vibing. Your mind needs to be still so you can inhale the grey clouds of information that mist in the air as the record is playing. This is a great album & you can purchase it for yourself on Bandcamp HERE. As of this writing there does not seem to be an option to buy it direct from the Hausu Mountain site.

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