New in 2020: Shamir – Cataclysm

That’s right y’all, I’m listening to ROCK, baby, actually I spent a solid week or more taking a break from being the smokin’ hot tastemaker which I totally am to listen almost exclusively to the first two albums by They Might Be Giants which a friend on Twitter described as the “whitest people ever.” I’d play it in the background while engaging w/ a videogame like Stardew Valley in order to capture the full, authentic white nerd experience. I was going back to my roots… but anyway, “now for something completely different” (another nerd reference, hah…).

I became aware of this album because I started following Angel Bat Dawid on Bandcamp, whose album The Oracle I bought a few months ago and enjoyed. I decided to buy this album on tape – I’ve got a weakness for ordering physical editions whenever possible, & it’s absolutely murdering my wallet – and as I spun the digital in the interim before the tape arrives in the mail (which has not happened yet! What the heck!) I began to really dig this album. The songs have an interesting “feeling” or “vibe,” almost outsider-like – I typically stink at concentrating on lyrics but I can pick out references to “antipsychotics” and delusions in the first few tracks; I don’t know if that means anything but it’s cool if it did – this music makes me feel nostalgic, except there’s nothing to be nostalgic about since it’s new this year, so I’m nostalgic for nothing. Very post-modern… the two best tracks “in my humble opinion” are the songs that bookend the tape; “Hell” and “They Must Go” really, really hit the spot for me. “Hell” feels so cool & “They Must Go” particularly strikes me as a beautiful song. It’s upbeat & joyous & actually the beat reminds me of disco.

This music feels healing & the blurb on Bandcamp suggests a theme of death and rebirth. Lemme tell ya, I know ALL ABOUT that. Seems like every time I go to sleep & wake up the next morning I’m embodying some “completely different” (ha ha) version of myself. My brain & my spirit are never in the same place twice, which is actually exactly why I forget how to write after every blog post which is why updates are so irregular… I’m closing my eyes imagining I’ll wake up tomorrow as Jeff Bezos, but I’m just as likely to wake up as a bug instead.

Cataclysm by Shamir is available on Bandcamp HERE.

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