“Mike’s Blog” is Taking a Break in the Year 2020

Okay, so it’s been one day shy of two weeks since my last post; that’s better than I thought. I’m closing in on a month now of not touching alcohol for the first time since the beginning of quarantine, but I’m not “sober” & I feel that I really need to achieve that in order to resume productivity. My day job is suffering too. In my personal life, I deal w/ depression, & my emotions have been a bit sour lately which actually cast a shadow over my typical enjoyment of music, & for a while I’ve been spinning a very narrow selection of albums that mostly reflect my taste circa high school which was quite a while ago at this point. It’s as if the stress of 2020 is making me regress. It’s my birthday today & at the beginning of the month I ordered a Nintendo Switch for myself to celebrate. My interest in video games goes a looooong way back, though mostly absent in recent years, and it’s been fun to rekindle a connection to that nerdy side of myself (though honestly, I actually completely transcend the category of “nerd” on account of being so cool 😎). I’ve written about things other than music before & I was actually very proud of some of that writing whereas “Mike’s Blog” has been a source of frustration for a minute. I was thinking of shifting focus & exploring the possibility of writing about games, which I’ll do elsewhere from here. If you’ve enjoyed this blog or my presence on Bandcamp, where I drop a lot of links, thanks a lot; I haven’t forgotten about this project, but I’ve got to take a hiatus at least until I sober up, and I may spend some time exploring other things. Boy, has this year been a real doozy so far. I hope you’re all doing the best you can.

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