New in 2019: Triad God – Triad

Halt the presses!!!! “Mike” (owner of this humble blog) is still hip & w/ it!! This LP has seemingly caused a lot of buzz, & in a moment of profound impulse, I laid down a heft ah’ change to buy the physical all the way from Europe. And I didn’t like it at first! I actually tried to have my purchase partially refunded (the difference btwn the physical minus the digital) & cancel the order. The label ignored my entreaty, & I’ve got plans to pawn it off to a bigger fan, but it wouldn’t be so bad if I was stuck w/ this record after all ‘cuz I’m starting to come around to it. Though I generally don’t listen to lyrics, it still alienates me to hear unintelligible (to myself), foreign words on an album obviously intended to be heard by western ears – & maybe that’s the point. “Rapping is a lifestyle, you know what the fuck I’m saying?” one of the few English choruses goes, but I don’t – forgive me. Since I can’t understand ’em, & they’re all spoken-word, the vocals aren’t what I find interesting, but the production, & the way the words bleed into it. Producer Palmistry seems like a trend-setting guy. His suave electronics sound like a world exhausted by the Information Age; there’s something kinda weary & wistful to them, like the twilight years of a species overloading itself w/ its own nature. The meandering murmurings of Triad God, too, sound resigned to an era of post-post-post-modernity. Oh this fast-paced post-modern life… when my physical husk is discarded & the phenomenon of my consciousness uploaded to the cloud (sponsored by Amazon), please ask Triad God to give my eulogy.

The label’s official online shop is its Bandcamp page, & this specific album can be found thus: Voilà!?

New in 2019: Sharkula x Mukqs – Prune City

Hop on “The Love Boat”, cuz the warm gooey vibes are all over this release. Oh, also? It f***ing rips. Mukqs kicks off what’s been a scorchin’ hot year so far with this totally P$YCH0 mash-up. It’s a moral failing of mine that I’d never heard about Sharkula before this tape, but his pedigree stretches way back; according to Wikipedia, his first release was in 2002, which was a pretty long time ago now that I reflect. I turn 30 this year, & for the first time I’m feeling a bit of “cosmic horror” at growing old… at this rate my reflexes are never gonna be fast enough to finally beat Mr. Dream in the Dream Fight (PSYCHE! You know I’m all about the Mike Tyson version)… but I’m still a child at heart & it’s getting weirder than ever. Just call me Austin Powers, cuz I’m a big groovy baby. Sorry, was that too much of a non-sequitur for you? Don’t listen to this tape then…

Brian’s lyrics wander all over the theatre of the minde. I’m not one to listen much to such things, so half the time I have no clue what he’s talking about. Seems kinda random, but when your message is peace & love you don’t need to make sense. Oh, & diarrhea! He talks about diarrhea a lot. Who cares? I live for this shit. Sharkula’s making connections the rest of us can’t see, & so is Mukqs. Did you know he records all his material live? The entire Good Willsmith trio [who record solo under the monikers of TALsounds – be sure to scope Love Sick from 2017 – Mukqs, & MrDougDoug] are extremely improvisational, & I live for that shit. The stuff they come out with using that approach blows my gourd, & Mukqs is a 12-dimensional grandmaster. Hell yeah baby, that’s HOT! Grip it here or here. It’s a secret to everybody, but @GoodWillsmith on Twitter is actually just Max.

New in 2019: Euglossine – Coriolis

According to, the Euglossine tapes I’ve gripped are MP3s I stream over & over, cuz I never understood them & I listen a lot to things I don’t understand – I recently picked up Triad by Triad God following its “Eureka!” review on Tiny Mix Tapes & racked up a surprising number of scrobbles waiting for it to “click” for me – that’s time I could’ve spent listening to this, cuz the music bubbling & swirling around stalwart underground label Hausu Mountain (one of my favorites!) is much more “in my wheelhouse”. Remember when you finally watched King Vidor’s adaptation of The Fountainhead & the story was suddenly much more lucid than when you tried to read it to impress your libertarian girlfriend? Maybe that only happened to me… anyway, Coriolis is a real “King Vidor moment”, cuz Euglossine’s modus operandi is suddenly in high-definition on this release. And maybe it is kind of hard for me to understand, ‘cause elevating smooth jazz to the heights of the astral plane is never something that would’ve occurred to me to wanna do. It’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever heard, smoother than a face with no features, which is something that’s appeared in my nightmares several times, usually before erupting into a bottomless maw of teeth & screaming at me. But if you took off Euglossine’s face, you’d probably see a thirsty frog. Get the tape here: BUBBA – or exhale the middle-man bullshit & inhale the D.I.Y. good shit (maybe in a cost-saving bundle) direct from the label: SMOOTH