Crate Digging: Mort Garson – Mother Earth’s Plantasia

One of my favorite kinds of jams is, uh, “composed electronic music” – a release that made my brain light up like it hadn’t in a long time is Deep Thoughts by Giant Claw – & while I don’t listen to him much anymore, I can’t help but think this interest was unconsciously sparked by my youthful phase of Dan Deacon fanboy-ism – & before that DEVO – but I don’t like it too highbrow – Expanding Universe, by Laurie Spiegel, while super great, teeters dangerously close to “above my intellectual pay grade” – well, the classic 1976 platter Mother Earth’s Plantasia [non-Bandcamp link here] by the delightful Mort Garson is getting reissued by Sacred Bones later this year & it fits this bill perfectly. Now, wait a tic – nerds in the audience might notice that “Concerto for Philodendron and Pothos” sounds awfully familiar – Yes! It sounds exactly like “Zelda’s Lullaby” from Ocarina of Time. How peculiar. Who knows how it happened, but it seems like ol’ Nintendo ripped Garson off. Wow!

This is music designed to help plants grow. Heck, Raymond Scott made three whole albums for babies – how much different is a plant?? Your own enjoyment might be bolstered through the use of some kind of plant, too… wink wink. Not for me though, I’ve got a natural high. These bucolic Moog symphonies are sure to arouse any living thing, though perhaps they must have ears. Once upon a time, this LP was quite the underground zone, & I was only hipped to it through the tireless deep study of my most meaningful college friend, the gonest head I’ve ever personally known. Now everyone’s heard of it. The same youngsters eating up S U R F I N G and ESPRIT 空想 records are all over the pre-order. Fashion comes full circle, but I was hip to the oldies just a little before everyone else. I wish Gen Z would just acknowledge this. Pre-ordering it on Bandcamp gives you the FLAC version straight away, & the label’s website has some dope-ass t-shirts.